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Brand: Carzec | World Brand | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Carzec 90 x 3.125mg tablet$85.00
Carzec 180 x 3.125mg tablet$164.90
Carzec 270 x 3.125mg tablet$242.25
Carzec 360 x 3.125mg tablet$309.40
Carzec 450 x 3.125mg tablet$386.75
Carzec 540 x 3.125mg tablet$464.10
Carzec 630 x 3.125mg tablet$541.45
Carzec 720 x 3.125mg tablet$618.80

Brand: Eucardic | United Kingdom | Mfg: Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Eucardic 84 x 3.125mg tablet$159.72
Eucardic 168 x 3.125mg tablet$319.44
Eucardic 252 x 3.125mg tablet$479.16
Eucardic 336 x 3.125mg tablet$638.88
Eucardic 420 x 3.125mg tablet$798.60
Eucardic 504 x 3.125mg tablet$958.32
Eucardic 588 x 3.125mg tablet$1,118.04
Eucardic 672 x 3.125mg tablet$1,277.76

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 3.125mg tablet$49.78
Generic 200 x 3.125mg tablet$60.26
Generic 300 x 3.125mg tablet$70.74
Generic 400 x 3.125mg tablet$81.22
Generic 500 x 3.125mg tablet$91.69
Generic 600 x 3.125mg tablet$102.18
Generic 700 x 3.125mg tablet$112.66
Generic 800 x 3.125mg tablet$123.14

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 3.125mg tablet$141.87
Generic 200 x 3.125mg tablet$283.74
Generic 300 x 3.125mg tablet$425.61
Generic 400 x 3.125mg tablet$567.48
Generic 500 x 3.125mg tablet$709.35
Generic 600 x 3.125mg tablet$851.22
Generic 700 x 3.125mg tablet$993.09
Generic 800 x 3.125mg tablet$1,134.96


Brand: Carzec | World Brand | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Carzec 100 x 6.25mg tablet$80.00
Carzec 200 x 6.25mg tablet$156.80
Carzec 300 x 6.25mg tablet$230.40
Carzec 400 x 6.25mg tablet$307.20
Carzec 500 x 6.25mg tablet$376.00
Carzec 600 x 6.25mg tablet$441.60
Carzec 700 x 6.25mg tablet$509.60
Carzec 800 x 6.25mg tablet$582.40

Brand: Eucardic | Germany | Mfg: Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Eucardic 84 x 6.25mg tablet$105.00
Eucardic 168 x 6.25mg tablet$205.80
Eucardic 252 x 6.25mg tablet$302.40
Eucardic 336 x 6.25mg tablet$394.80
Eucardic 420 x 6.25mg tablet$493.50
Eucardic 504 x 6.25mg tablet$592.20
Eucardic 588 x 6.25mg tablet$690.90
Eucardic 672 x 6.25mg tablet$789.60

Brand: Dilatrend | South Africa | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Dilatrend 90 x 6.25mg tablet$137.50
Dilatrend 180 x 6.25mg tablet$275.00
Dilatrend 270 x 6.25mg tablet$412.50
Dilatrend 360 x 6.25mg tablet$550.00
Dilatrend 450 x 6.25mg tablet$687.50
Dilatrend 540 x 6.25mg tablet$825.00
Dilatrend 630 x 6.25mg tablet$962.50
Dilatrend 720 x 6.25mg tablet$1,100.00

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 6.25mg tablet$54.74
Generic 200 x 6.25mg tablet$65.32
Generic 300 x 6.25mg tablet$75.90
Generic 400 x 6.25mg tablet$86.49
Generic 500 x 6.25mg tablet$97.05
Generic 600 x 6.25mg tablet$107.63
Generic 700 x 6.25mg tablet$118.21
Generic 800 x 6.25mg tablet$128.79

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 6.25mg tablet$96.48
Generic 200 x 6.25mg tablet$192.96
Generic 300 x 6.25mg tablet$289.44
Generic 400 x 6.25mg tablet$385.92
Generic 500 x 6.25mg tablet$482.40
Generic 600 x 6.25mg tablet$578.88
Generic 700 x 6.25mg tablet$675.36
Generic 800 x 6.25mg tablet$771.84


Brand: Carzec | World Brand | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Carzec 100 x 12.5mg tablet$85.00
Carzec 200 x 12.5mg tablet$164.90
Carzec 300 x 12.5mg tablet$242.25
Carzec 400 x 12.5mg tablet$316.20
Carzec 500 x 12.5mg tablet$386.75
Carzec 600 x 12.5mg tablet$464.10
Carzec 700 x 12.5mg tablet$523.60
Carzec 800 x 12.5mg tablet$598.40

Brand: Dilatrend | Germany | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Dilatrend 90 x 12.5mg tablet$110.00
Dilatrend 180 x 12.5mg tablet$215.60
Dilatrend 270 x 12.5mg tablet$316.80
Dilatrend 360 x 12.5mg tablet$413.60
Dilatrend 450 x 12.5mg tablet$517.00
Dilatrend 540 x 12.5mg tablet$620.40
Dilatrend 630 x 12.5mg tablet$723.80
Dilatrend 720 x 12.5mg tablet$827.20

Brand: Dilatrend | New Zealand | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Dilatrend 90 x 12.5mg tablet$138.80
Dilatrend 180 x 12.5mg tablet$267.96
Dilatrend 270 x 12.5mg tablet$397.11
Dilatrend 360 x 12.5mg tablet$526.27
Dilatrend 450 x 12.5mg tablet$655.43
Dilatrend 540 x 12.5mg tablet$786.52
Dilatrend 630 x 12.5mg tablet$917.60
Dilatrend 720 x 12.5mg tablet$1,048.69

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 12.5mg tablet$65.00
Generic 200 x 12.5mg tablet$104.00
Generic 300 x 12.5mg tablet$146.25
Generic 400 x 12.5mg tablet$182.00
Generic 500 x 12.5mg tablet$227.50
Generic 600 x 12.5mg tablet$273.00
Generic 700 x 12.5mg tablet$318.50
Generic 800 x 12.5mg tablet$364.00

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 12.5mg tablet$127.95
Generic 200 x 12.5mg tablet$255.90
Generic 300 x 12.5mg tablet$383.85
Generic 400 x 12.5mg tablet$511.80
Generic 500 x 12.5mg tablet$639.75
Generic 600 x 12.5mg tablet$767.70
Generic 700 x 12.5mg tablet$895.65
Generic 800 x 12.5mg tablet$1,023.60


Brand: Dilatrend | Germany | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Dilatrend 90 x 25mg tablet$105.00
Dilatrend 180 x 25mg tablet$205.80
Dilatrend 270 x 25mg tablet$302.40
Dilatrend 360 x 25mg tablet$394.80
Dilatrend 450 x 25mg tablet$493.50
Dilatrend 540 x 25mg tablet$592.20
Dilatrend 630 x 25mg tablet$690.90
Dilatrend 720 x 25mg tablet$789.60

Brand: Eucardic | United Kingdom | Mfg: Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Eucardic 84 x 25mg tablet$134.94
Eucardic 168 x 25mg tablet$269.88
Eucardic 252 x 25mg tablet$404.82
Eucardic 336 x 25mg tablet$539.76
Eucardic 420 x 25mg tablet$674.70
Eucardic 504 x 25mg tablet$809.64
Eucardic 588 x 25mg tablet$944.58
Eucardic 672 x 25mg tablet$1,079.52

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 25mg tablet$75.88
Generic 200 x 25mg tablet$121.41
Generic 300 x 25mg tablet$170.73
Generic 400 x 25mg tablet$212.46
Generic 500 x 25mg tablet$265.58
Generic 600 x 25mg tablet$318.70
Generic 700 x 25mg tablet$371.81
Generic 800 x 25mg tablet$424.93

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 25mg tablet$141.87
Generic 200 x 25mg tablet$283.74
Generic 300 x 25mg tablet$425.61
Generic 400 x 25mg tablet$567.48
Generic 500 x 25mg tablet$709.35
Generic 600 x 25mg tablet$851.22
Generic 700 x 25mg tablet$993.09
Generic 800 x 25mg tablet$1,134.96

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